Codex & Pix unite under X2X Media Group brand
Marc Loftus
November 11, 2019

Codex & Pix unite under X2X Media Group brand

SAN FRANCISCO — Pix and Codex have announced that the two companies are uniting under a single, unified brand identity via the establishment of the X2X Media Group ( This brand consolidation will further strengthen the group’s offerings to the entertainment industry, leveraging the two companies’ innovation and engineering strengths under a single umbrella while maintaining their identities and independent routes to market.

“Since Pix acquired Codex in April we have been working hard to realize the synergies between the two companies,” says Marc Dando, chief design officer at X2X. “Bringing them together under the single X2X Media Group brand reflects the impressive level of integration between the teams and highlights the simplified workflows we are bringing to leading creatives, filmmakers, and studios around the world.”

X2X Media Group will serve as an entertainment technology company that partners with clients to enable creative flow across the production life cycle. The company will offer a suite of secure communication and content management solutions, and leverage the strengths of two product lines and R&D teams. 

Codex is known for its storage solutions, including the MediaVault NAS, media transfer stations and solid-state media. The company works closely with the likes of Canon, Panasonic and Arri on media for their respective cameras. Pix offers solutions for collaboration, including tools for accessing projects from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Dando says the time was right to make the announcement, which comes months after Pix acquired Codex. “This is the starting point of a new journey,” he states, noting that they looked hard at coming up with a unifying company name. The ‘X2X Media Group’ brand has signifigance on several levels. Both the Pix and Codex company names end with an ‘X’. At the same time, their products represent a workflow that begins on-set with acquisition and continues on through post production. ‘X2X’ reflects both brands and their place across a production’s workflow.

“We’re definitely retaining the brands within the market, but this gives us a platform to expand and build the company,” Dando continues. Future growth, he believes, can come through acquisitions and internal product development, though nothing is being announced at this time.

“I’ve seen businesses get acquired and [create] confusion in the market,” he notes. “So far, everyone has understoood our message.”

The X2X headquarters will remain in San Francisco, while the company expands its engineering operations in Wellington, Odessa, Budapest, London and Royal Leamington Spa. They also have have sales and support offices in New York and Los Angeles. For now, all of the individual Websites -, and - will take customers to a main page.