Creative Outpost expanding into long-form audio
December 12, 2019

Creative Outpost expanding into long-form audio

LONDON — Creative Outpost (, which recently acquired the studio assets of Angell Sound, is expanding its service offerings into long-form. The studio has already been successful in the commercial segment, offering both VFX and audio services. They will now be available for long-form ADR, mixing and review bookings.

Since acquiring the Angell Sound assets, the team at Creative Outpost has completed a number of joint picture and sound projects for online and TV. Focusing two of the four studios primarily on advertising work, they have provided sound design and mixing services for campaigns that include Barclays’ Team Talk, Virgin Mobile’s Sounds Good, ICEE’s Swizzle, Fizzle, Freshy, Freeze, Green Flag’s Who The Fudge Are Green Flag, Santander’s Antandec, and Coca Cola’s Coaches. Now, the team’s ambitions are to apply their experience from the commercial world to further include long-form, broadcast and feature work. Their Dolby studios, which were designed by studio architect Roger D'Arcy, will facilitate this work.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to join Creative Outpost with the aim of helping them grow the audio side of the company,” says Dave Robinson, head of sound at Creative Outpost. “Along with Tom Lane – an extremely talented fellow ex-Angell engineer – we have spent the last few months putting together a decent body of work to build upon, and things are really starting to take off. As well as continuing to build our core short-form audio work, we are developing our long-form ADR and mix capabilities, and have a few other exciting projects in the pipeline. It’s great to be working with a friendly, talented bunch of people and I look forward to what lies ahead.”

Space is at a premium in central Soho, so Creative Outpost co-founders Quentin Olszewski and Danny Etherington say they were very lucky to acquire four studios. 

“Our new friends in the ADR world, Emma Butt and Chris Roberts (both AMPS members), have been excited for us,” add the co-founders. “They’ve been super helpful in getting the word out into the wider community, having seen the size, build quality and location of our Wardour Street studios – which answers the demands of the growing long-form SVOD market. We’re looking forward to putting these facilities to good use and giving a warm welcome to new clients in need of our studios and talent.”