Dolphin Image Studios opens in Florida
December 9, 2019

Dolphin Image Studios opens in Florida

WINTER HAVEN, FL — Dolphin Image Studios ( has opened a new studio that’s designed to help support television and film productions. Situated on eight acres of private land, the lush greenery and dense local forests offer a variety of scene and setting options. A tightly monitored, 3,000-square-foot soundstage offers plenty of space to accommodate teams and equipment. The stage has already been tested and can be used to shooting commercials, full-feature films, television shows and other video- and photography-related projects.

"We believe that stories are important to both the industry and the world," says Juan Pantoja, Dolphin Image Studios president. "And that includes stories of all types: from a variety of people, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are a platform where anyone can bring their vision to life. And while doing so, we also promote fair compensation and respect for artist creativity and diversity. Our hope is that by creating and fostering an inclusive environment, we'll push the entire industry forward into a successful future for everyone."

Dolphin Image offers professional podcast production equipment and support with a variety of packages that involve streaming, podcast launches, and standard studio booking rates. The facility also features a private office, a recording booth for ADR sessions or sound mixing, a conference room and an artist makeup room.

The ARwall is an alternative to green-screen productions, allowing computer-generated imagery to be composited into a project. The ARwall works in tandem with a production, generating in-camera CGI adjustments that allow the final shot to be viewed on-set. Adjustments can be made, in realtime.