EditShare at IBC with solutions for Premiere Pro workflows
September 9, 2019

EditShare at IBC with solutions for Premiere Pro workflows

BOSTON — EditShare (www.editshare.com), a technology provider that specializes in collaboration, security and intelligent storage solutions, will showcase Helmut FX, IO, CO (Cosmo), and HK (Housekeeper) at the IBC show in Amsterdam from September 13th through 17th. The solutions are designed to enable extensive project administration, back-office management and render-farm control for Adobe Premiere Pro enterprise post production workflows. 

Using an efficient, user-friendly, node-based approach to workflow configuration called Streams Engine, Helmut facilitates critical back-office functions such as encoding, migration, render farm control and other housekeeping technical tasks for Premiere Pro-based workgroups. Seamlessly integrated with EditShare Flow media asset management, the flexible Helmut and Flow north-bound API architecture enable a high degree of customization, empowering enterprise deployments to efficiently automate both creative workflows as well as complex and redundant ‘under-the-hood’ technical jobs, optimizing overall production.

“With the increasing number of new content-delivery options, the demand for adverts, snackable content and high-quality programming has surged and, in turn, has significantly expanded content creation opportunities across the post production market,” says Tracy Geist, chief marketing officer at EditShare. “However, as opportunities grow, so do the pressures on these video professionals to create and deliver significantly more, higher quality content, faster than ever before. Helmut, combined with EditShare Flow, puts the focus back on storytelling with optimizations at every step across the Adobe workflow. By eliminating complexities and elevating collaboration, EditShare gives a much longer runway for post facilities to create and deliver even more high-quality projects.”

The HelmutFX software solution connects Premiere Pro and storage environments, simplifying production management and streamlining working processes. HelmutIO is a new rendering workflow developed for Adobe Media Encoder. It manages rendering resources on the network, identifying idle and unused CPUs or servers and automatically exporting and assigning clips and sequences from Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

HelmutCO (Cosmo) indexes projects, including folder structures, metadata, assets, and sequences before making them available in a database. At the same time, this data is made available in a visually intuitive dashboard for creatives to easily identify and locate content. This companion database enables full synchronization between Premiere Pro projects and third-party systems without users needing to open Premiere Pro.

HelmutHK (Housekeeper) is directly connected to Cosmo, using the extensive metadata to delete, move, archive and manage projects and project-related assets. Tasks can be automated, performed manually or set to run at a specific time. HelmutHK can also distribute these tasks across HelmutIO’s render nodes in scenarios where both products are being used in tandem.