Elements launches Bolt high-performance storage appliance
April 4, 2019

Elements launches Bolt high-performance storage appliance

LAS VEGAS — Elements (www.elements.tv), the developer of advanced solutions for unrestricted collaboration in shared media workflows, is launching a new storage appliance at NAB 2019. According to the company, its new Elements Bolt provides lightning fast performance with ultra-high bandwidth and double the throughput from a compact 2U chassis, even when working in resolutions of 8K-plus.

Leveraging the power of Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) high-bandwidth bus technology and without the limitations of standard SAS/SATA bus technology, Bolt provides up to 25GByte/s read performance and delivers high-levels of Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) rates with almost zero latencies. 

Elements Bolt supports up to 32Gbit Fibre Channel and 100Gbit Ethernet with RDMA. As a highly scalable system, Elements Bolt can easily provide Petabytes of usable capacity at more than 100GByte/s when set-up as a cluster.

Elements will also be demonstrating its unique MAM tool, “Media Library,” with several new features. Among others, Media Library can now send automatic project updates and notifications to authorized Slack users via a newly implemented Slack interface. A new “smart recycle bin” will also be shown for the first time. In addition, workflow automation within all Elements appliances has been dramatically improved. The overhauled edition of Elements’ Task Manager sports a new design with enhanced security features and even more flexible template options, including “automated sub steps,” for more precision and accuracy of workflow automation processes. Visitors can experience the full set of workflow enhancement tools embedded in every Elements appliance. Elements will demonstrate Elements Bolt and Media Library alongside its entire range of media storage and server appliances, at NAB.