Exile adds editor/director Lorin Askill
February 26, 2019

Exile adds editor/director Lorin Askill

NEW YORK CITY & SANTA MONICA, CA — The bicoastal editorial and finishing boutique Exile has added visual storyteller Lorin Askill to its roster. For well over a decade, the Sydney-born, New York-based director/editor has worked across mediums, including commercials, music videos and short films. 

“Editing came first, so it always informed my directorial work,” Askill says. “I love the experience of cutting other people’s work because I can be more objective and hopefully elevate the vision. I get a different satisfaction from both disciplines and feel like the experience of doing one makes the other stronger.”

Askill’s credits include ongoing collaborations with his brother and fellow filmmaker Daniel on multiple videos for Sia, including the Grammy-nominated Chandelier. Other notable campaigns include the PSA I Touch Myself and Audi’s Orchestra.

“I’ve always sensed that there is a rhythm and poetry in great film, whether it’s visual, musical, comedic or dramatic, and I trust my instinct for finding and shaping that,” he explains. “I also lean to a less is more approach, where I often make a more complex cut to begin with, using everything at my disposal, then step back and strip it down to the essential pieces to hopefully tell the story in the most effortless, powerful way possible.”