FXhome adds Foundry's CameraTracker in HitFilm 13
July 31, 2019

FXhome adds Foundry's CameraTracker in HitFilm 13

NORWICH, UK — FXhome (www.fxhome.com) has released a significant upgrade to its popular editing and VFX platform HitFilm. With the new upgrade, FXhome adds Foundry’s CameraTracker technology, which is integrated directly within the HitFilm timeline, as well as several VFX, workflow and performance enhancements.
HitFilm 13, with the integrated CameraTracker, now provides users and VFX artists with access to an integrated motion tracking/match-moving tool. Artists can create a virtual camera whose movement matches that of the original camera without ever having to leave the HitFilm environment. Tracking camera movement in 2D footage enables artists to add virtual 3D objects to 2D footage.

Additionally, the newest HitFilm incorporates a number of new features, plug-ins and workflow enhancements, including the ability to lock and unlock layers in comps and tracks directly in the timeline. New plug-ins are provided for tone coloring, stock background removal and high pass sharpen. There is now enhanced H.264 decoding on Xeon processors, and improved non-GPU playback speed/performance.
HitFilm 13 supports 4K, 60fps projects and multiple audio streams.

The new release is available immediately for $299 for a three-seat professional license, which includes 12 months of free upgrades and 12 months of free technical support.