Germany's Omnimago relies on Xytech MediaPulse for resource management
November 13, 2019

Germany's Omnimago relies on Xytech MediaPulse for resource management

INGELHEIM AM RHEIM, GERMANY — German post production specialist Omnimago GmbH is using Xytech’s MediaPulse resource management software for scheduling, billing and project management. MediaPulse 2019 (, which was released at IBC 2019, features an updated user interface that was developed to place targeted functionality in the hands of all users in an enterprise, including every staff member, freelancer and vendor. The tool creates a seamless end-to-end automated workflow that’s accessible on any device connected to the internet.

Omnimago GmbH, which is headquartered in Ingelheim, with a second location in Leipzig, is a leading media service company, working with public and commercial TV broadcasters, film and TV companies, and industrial enterprises. Its services range from traditional post production for film and television companies to mass digitalization and digital film restoration. Given the variety of projects the studio takes on, it was integral the company found a solution to contain the whole process, from bidding to invoicing, within the same system. 

“This ensures all of the necessary information is easily available to all of the people and departments involved,” explains Peter Fries, Omnimago’s managing director. “MediaPulse has proven itself as the ultimate tool to support us during the administration process on all of our technical projects.”

Currently holding 45 MediaPulse licenses, Omnimago has been using MediaPulse for almost 20 years.

“It fulfills all of our scheduling, billing and project management requirements in the best possible way,” Fries says. “We took a number of other established ERP systems into consideration, but nothing compared to the efficiency of MediaPulse.”