Looking Glass Pro introduced as all-in-one holographic workstation
May 31, 2019

Looking Glass Pro introduced as all-in-one holographic workstation

NEW YORK CITY — Looking Glass Factory (http://look.glass/lkgpro), creators of one of the first desktop holographic displays, has introduced Looking Glass Pro, a new, all-in-one 3D visualization solution. The holographic workstation is available for pre-order ($5,500) and is designed specifically for enterprise customers seeking a turnkey holographic display solution for groups of people without the need for VR or AR headsets.  

The Looking Glass Pro is a general purpose, self-contained holographic interface that comes with a suite of software tools that have been licensed for commercial use, including the HoloPlay Unity SDK, HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal, and the three.js Looking Glass library. The hardware features a proprietary 15.6-inch lightfield display with a powerful embedded computer for fully standalone functionality, an integrated full-size 15.6-inch touchscreen, secondary fold-out 2D display for UI navigation, and a Leap Motion controller for 3D spatial interaction. 

“After shipping thousands of standard and large Looking Glass dev kit displays to 3D content creators earlier this year, we received numerous requests from companies for a self-contained holographic solution that they could start using instantly, without needing to connect separate peripherals or an external computer,” explains Shawn Frayne, co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass Factory. 

When customers turn on The Looking Glass Pro for the first time, they will see a sample app library containing dozens of holographic apps in the system, which they can browse and experience. Customers can then use some of the apps to display and interact with their own content holographically (through the 3D model and animation viewer app or the lightfield photo app, for instance) or use a special commercial version of the Looking Glass Unity, Unreal, and three.js SDKs to generate their own holographic apps for the Looking Glass Pro, for their own use or for their customers.

“We’ve found that customers can really benefit from visualizing true 3D content communally as opposed to donning a VR/AR headset to do so,” adds Nitin Bhargava, VP of business development at Looking Glass Factory. “With the Looking Glass Pro, we’re able to deliver what these customers need in a single unit. We’re really excited to work closely with them to unlock new holographic enterprise experiences.” 

Looking Glass Factory also announced partnerships with Orthoscience and Kandao VR to offer turnkey solutions in specific industries seeking an all-in-one holographic solution. The units will begin shipping mid-July 2019.