Oscars: Maxon's Per-Anders Edwards to receive Sci-Tech Award
January 25, 2019

Oscars: Maxon's Per-Anders Edwards to receive Sci-Tech Award

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Maxon software architect, lead developer and designer Per-Anders Edwards is among the individual recipients being honored this year with an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Award.
An innovator within the computer graphics field, Edwards is being honored with the Sci-Tech Award for his contribution to the initial design and development of the MoGraph toolset. The tool provides a fast, non-destructive and intuitive workflow for motion designers to create animated 3D graphics, and can be used for title design and creating fictional user interfaces in motion pictures.
Maxon introduced the MoGraph procedural modeling and animation module in Cinema 4D in 2006. MoGraph makes it easy for artists to create anything from flying logos to abstract effects. Blade Runner 2049, winner of last year’s Best Visual Effects Oscar, and several of this year’s Oscar VFX nominees, including The Avengers: Infinity War, Ready Player One and Black Panther, relied on MoGraph’s fast, intuitive workflow.
The Sci-Tech Awards presentation ceremony will take place on February 9th at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. At the event, Edwards will be joined by Maxon senior executives David McGavran, chief executive officer; Philip Losch, chief technology officer, who co-created Cinema 4D in 1989; and Paul Babb, head of worldwide marketing.