Post Picks: Pixit Media PixStor 5 Storage Software - Winner
April 29, 2019

Post Picks: Pixit Media PixStor 5 Storage Software - Winner

Pixit Media ( demonstrated PixStor 5, the latest version of its scale-out intelligent storage platform, in a complete end-to-end Any-K production environment at NAB 2019.

PixStor 5 provides guaranteed performance for all types of workflow and simplifies storage, security, management and artist-anywhere collaboration — with a seamless automated user-experience from workstation to the Cloud. With new secure container services aligned to audit-compliant standards, powerful AI-enabled Search and automated deployment to Cloud market-places, PixStor 5 is an ideal solution for media organizations looking to streamline demanding Any-K media workflows and save both time and money. 

Visitors to the Pixit Media booth saw PixStor 5 in action at the heart of a complete end-to-end Any-K collaborative yet secure production environment, delivering efficiencies from ingest, processing, staging, production to archive. Featured technologies in the workflow included NetApp E-Series storage arrays, Mellanox 100Gb ethernet networking and a Tier-0 Excelero NVMesh. Also showcased in the PixStor 5 workflow was Digital Vision’s Nucoda 4K creative colour grading and finishing platform, now certified by the Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA). 

Within the PixStor 5 demo, Pixit Media showed an audit-compliant workflow with true multi-tenancy on a single PixStor 5 storage fabric, aligned to strict TPN-accredited standards, enabling speedy deployment of secured data environments without crippling productivity; fully-automated deployment of PixStor into cloud market-places enabling cloud-first workflows for global collaboration and hybrid workflows for burst render. Launching first on Google Cloud Platform, with AWS and Azure to follow; data ingested from multiple locations including secure DMZ containers and the Cloud, with full media discovery followed by data stub creation on PixStor, rigorously scanned and delivered into the project workflow; and an enhanced search that’s fast, easy and accurate across the entire single namespace using the latest machine learning and AI – connected directly to the desktop for unparalleled visibility and access. A game-changer for all users in collaborative workflows. 

The demonstration also showed off guaranteed performance features with Excelero NVMesh which accelerates uncompressed Any-K—blazingly-fast uncompressed 8K simultaneous playback powered by Excelero NVMesh and Inel Ooptane with near zero overhead and on the user or target server. It also focused on Nucoda 4K color grading from PixStor 5. Certified by the Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA), Digital Vision's Nucoda is a fully-featured ACES color grading and finishing solution, featuring 4K HDR grading and real-time EXR file format support direct from PixStor 5.