Quantum launches new NVMe Flash platform
March 21, 2019

Quantum launches new NVMe Flash platform

LAS VEGAS — At the NAB show in Las Vegas, Quantum Corp. (www.quantum.com) will launch a new NVMe all-flash storage platform that’s designed to dramatically accelerate media workflows. The company will also show StorNext 6.2, a major new release of its StorNext scale-out file system. StorNext 6.2 began shipping in March with the latest generation Xcellis appliances.
Photo: Quantum R-Series removable storage

Quantum’s NAB plans include new and enhanced removable storage solutions geared towards on-set production; NVMe for high performance ingest and edit; and cloud-based solutions for low-cost, long-term preservation.
As customers deal with more UHD content, emerging storage technologies like NVMe is intended to help dramatically improve performance while simplifying infrastructure. Quantum’s new NVME all-flash appliances combine 100 percent NVMe storage media with a new software defined block storage architecture and StorNext, which is expected to deliver ultra high-performance storage capabilities for demanding media environments.
StorNext 6.2 bolsters performance for high resolution video while enhancing integration with cloud-based workflows. With StorNext 6.2, Quantum offers an S3 interface to Xcellis appliances, enabling them to serve as targets for applications designed to write to RESTful interfaces. In addition, enhanced FlexSync replication capabilities enable users to create local or remote replicas of multi-tier file system content and metadata, offering more flexibility to protect a single directory or an entire file system.
The company’s new Xcellis models offer the latest 100Gb Ethernet and 32Gb Fibre Channel connectivity options, enabling customers to use the latest generation networking infrastructure between their clients and storage arrays.