Reallusion debuts digital human solution for Unreal Engine games
May 2, 2019

Reallusion debuts digital human solution for Unreal Engine games

SAN JOSE, CA — Reallusion ( has unveiled Unreal integration for Reallusion Game Tools, a plug-in for Unreal Engine for digital human design. With this free tool, Unreal developers and producers have a solution for creating, customizing, animating, optimizing and importing characters from Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Motion Live.
“This is an exciting milestone for us,” says John Martin, VP, product marketing, Reallusion. “Reallusion Game Tools is a total and fully integrated solution. Thanks to Unreal’s support, UE4 developers can seamlessly use the dedicated Unreal game character creation tools in Character Creator, animate with iClone, and even connect the iPhone X and mocap gear to Unreal via iClone Motion Live and the Unreal Live Link. The result is a realtime character creation and animation workflow directly to Unreal. Developers can also import game characters with automated shader assignment and animation setup directly for Unreal so that characters import ready to play, act and animate.”

Reallusion Game Tools offer a complete solution to create and deploy characters and animation with a suite of features to assist in motion capture, motion blending, curve editing, facial puppet and audio lip sync. iClone offers developers an established, and extensive marketplace, with thousands of high quality mocap data files across a spectrum of motion themes. Beyond creating characters for Unreal, Reallusion Game Tools now prepare characters for the best in-engine visuals with autoshader assignment and animation setup. 

Instead of sending character motions to Unreal via FBX, now users can directly stream facial and body animation directly from iClone. Reallusion’s realtime virtual production empowers users to easily create animation from previz, game development, to cinematic filmmaking.
The iClone Motion Live plug-in aggregates the industry’s best mocap hardware with profiles to animate CC3 characters with Xsens, Noitom, Faceware, iPhone, Rokoko, Optitrack, Leap Motion, Qualisys and more. The iClone Motion Live system connects to Unreal Live Link for realtime production, or records motion and sends it along with characters to Unreal Engine via FBX.