SIGGRAPH 2019 to take on 'Thrive' concept
February 26, 2019

SIGGRAPH 2019 to take on 'Thrive' concept

CHICAGO — Under the leadership of conference chair Mikki Rose, senior fur technical director at Blue Sky Studios, SIGGRAPH 2019 seeks submissions that cater to a central concept: Thrive. In its 46th year, the conference is set for July 28th through August 1st at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“The concept of ‘thrive’ is multifaceted,” notes Rose. “For some in our community, it might mean to experience the latest advancements in a given technology; for others, it could be the chance to connect and create alongside like-minded professionals. I invite our community to challenge and transform the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques by sharing their work this summer.”

New this year, SIGGRAPH 2019 debuts a special focus area on adaptive technology, which aims to spotlight technology that assists people with disabilities. Given the amazing technologies being developed, such as robotic replacements or enhancements, communication assistance devices, and more, leadership is committed to shining a light on the many ways technology can be used to help people and, hopefully, inspire further development. Adaptive technology shows great potential for progressing how people may better tell their story — an idea worth championing.

Currently open programs and deadlines are as follows:

March 19 – Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater
March 26 – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Computer Animation Festival VR Theater
April 9 – Real-Time Live!
April 25 – Posters

To submit your work for consideration by SIGGRAPH’s highly qualified juries, visit: