Sequin launches, offering creative augmented reality services
April 4, 2019

Sequin launches, offering creative augmented reality services

HARTFORD, CT — Longtime entertainment industry, new media, and technology executives Lawrence Jones and Robert DeFranco have launched a new, creative augmented reality content company called Sequin ( Sequin provides augmented reality creative, realtime VFX production, broadcast production, system integration, and consulting services. 

The founding partners and staff have contributed to a number of viral AR experiences in the past year, including Super Bowl LIII, The Weather Channel’s IMR experiences, and the 2018 “League of Legends Opening Ceremony,” which delivered over one-billion television and online views. 

Photo (L-R): Jones and DeFranco

“Content creators today are facing increasing demands to produce content that truly engages viewers and evokes emotional responses,” explains Jones. “Sequin has been designed to create jaw dropping augmented reality content that will meet this demand. Our new venture is bringing together broadcasters, technology partners, and the realtime VFX community, including Unreal Engine artists and developers, so we can create and deliver more powerful, viral augmented reality content.”

“Lawrence and I are totally committed to helping broadcasters create never-before-seen AR content that will blow everyone’s mind,” adds DeFranco. “Sequin is all about storytelling, and we have assembled the best in the business to deliver the highest quality AR content – imagined and not yet even imagined - on the planet.”

As the co-founding partner and executive creative director for Sequin, Jones will be responsible for overseeing all creative, production and technology development. He is an Emmy Award winning creative and technical talent, with more than 25 years of experience creating, developing and producing augmented reality, VFX, realtime advertising, and motion design.

Prior to launching Sequin, Jones was the EVP of The Americas for The Future Group, an interactive mixed reality company, where he oversaw all operations, and business development in the Americas, as well as creating and producing original augmented reality content.

Earlier in his career, spent 12 years at ESPN, where he was responsible for founding and running the creative technology ad division. He has contributed dozens of unique projects and campaigns to the digital, advertising, and broadcast worlds. 

DeFranco is the co-founding partner and vice president of sales & development for Sequin. He will lead the company’s partnership, television development, and sales efforts. A technology and media executive with over 20 years of experience in film, TV, digital content, advertising, augmented reality and mobile applications, DeFranco has designed and developed numerous mobile applications, games, software portals, and social media solutions. He has also worked on more than 35 films, television shows and commercials.

Before the launch of Sequin, DeFranco had been VP, sales and development for The Future Group, and producer of “Lost in Time” with Fremantle Media. Prior to his post with TFG, DeFranco held positions at InVision, 211me and A7SLE Films, where he managed development and production for those companies’ slate of projects and social media partnerships. 

DeFranco is also the co-author of the Little Brown novel “After the Red Rain;” co-creator of the Boom graphic novel “Protocol: Orphans” (which has been sold to Fox), and the director of the Miramax Films project “Telling You.”