Signiant's Jet looks to speed file transfer
March 25, 2019

Signiant's Jet looks to speed file transfer

LAS VEGAS — At NAB 2019, Signiant ( is introducing Jet, a new SaaS solution that makes it easy to automate and accelerate the transfer of large files between geographically dispersed locations. Jet is designed to meet the growing need to replace scripted FTP with a faster, more reliable and more secure alternative.  

The SaaS leverages Signiant's platform, which also underpins the company's widely-deployed Media Shuttle solution that is now used by more than 400,000 professionals to send and share large files around the world. Jet's tightly curated feature set and accessible price point allow small and mid-sized companies to easily automate system-to-system workflows, as well as recurring data exchange with partners.  

“Jet fills a growing need in the industry,” explains Cory Bialowas, SVP product management at Signiant. “With Media Shuttle, Signiant has demonstrated that SaaS innovation can bring the power of our technology to companies of all sizes. As customers face increasing pressure to eliminate FTP and unwieldy first-generation acceleration products, they have been clamouring for a Media Shuttle companion product to handle automated transfers. Jet extends our SaaS platform to address these use cases within the global media supply chain."  

Like all Signiant products, Jet uses a proprietary transport protocol that optimizes network performance for fast, reliable movement of large files under all network conditions. Coupled with enterprise-grade security and features tuned for media professionals, Signiant products are designed to enable the global flow of content, within and between companies, in a hybrid cloud world. 

In addition to Jet and Media Shuttle, Signiant’s portfolio also includes Manager+Agents, the advanced enterprise software for complex networks and workflows, and Flight, a SaaS solution for transfers to and from AWS and/or Azure public cloud services. Media companies can deploy a single Signiant product to solve a specific problem, or combine them for a comprehensive approach to managing access to content that is located in various of storage types around the world.