TVLogic rolls out new field monitors & more
April 3, 2019

TVLogic rolls out new field monitors & more

LAS VEGAS — TVLogic ( is rolling out a number of new products at the 2019 NAB Show, including several new field monitors — an upgraded version of its popular F-7H seven-inch model (featuring 3,600 nits maximum luminance) and its F-5A full-HD field monitor with an LCD display — as well as its new IS-mini 4K real time digital color management system and the NPS-10 compact and portable backup storage device that copies files directly to its internal SSD or HDD storage without external power or computer. All products are being demonstrated in TVLogic’s booth, where sessions are being conducted that are designed to educate attendees on the advantages of using a 4K/UHD color LUT Box for color reproduction.

“NAB 2019 is providing us with an opportunity to convey a message to the market that we are listening and responding with products that meet the demands of a changing environment,” explains Denny An, director of worldwide sales, TVLogic. “We are showing two field monitors, both of which have been upgraded with features requested by customers, and we are also hosting training sessions so visitors can experience our amazing IS-mini 4K color reproduction unit with Wonderlook Pro software. And of course, our NPS-10 perfect backup solution will be highlighted as well.”   

The F-7H mk2, TVLogic’s next-generation version of the its popular F-7H field monitor, is the brightest 7-inch field monitor available with HDR Emulation (PQ / HLG / Slog3). The unit features a full HD resolution 1920x1080 IPS LCD screen that offers maximum luminance of 3,600 nits allowing the operator to capture sharp images even in bright sunlight. The F-7H mk2’s upgraded features include new pre-set touch acrylic keys on the front bezel for faster and easier setups. The unit is equipped with enhanced sharpness and a new peaking boost function for focus pullers. 

F-5A, the new 5.5-inch compact and light-weight field production monitor is an LCD version of the company’s OLED model. The F-5A accommodates a wide scope of applications ranging from DSLR cameras to pro-camcorders for broadcast and movie production. The F-5A features full HD resolution, dual SDI and HDMI input & output interfaces, and professional features such as waveform, vectorscope, focus assist, camera LUTs and standard HDR OETFs of PQ & HLG. In addition, the monitor incorporates enhanced sharpness and a new peaking boost function for focus pullers.

NPS-10 is intended as a backup solution for professional and enthusiastic photographers and videographers and is the first backup storage device to support CFexpress interface, regarded as a next-generation memory card. The NPS-10 was developed to provide a tool for those that shoot outside of the broadcasting station, such as documentaries or news, to safely manage the footage shot in the field, even in challenging situations.

The built-in memory card slots and USB port allow instant and fast copying of files directly to the internal storage (SSD or HDD) without external power or a computer. It provides backup speed via the company’s patented “X-copy” technology with the smallest form factor and lightest weight. When using multiple cameras simultaneously, NPS-10 uses the Sequential backup function that copies multiple memory cards one at a time, and with the integrated 2.4-inch color LCD screen, operators can review backed-up full HD/4K footage on location without a computer.

IS-mini 4K, a real-time digital video color processor (4K/UHD color LUT box) is used for onset camera preview for live event shooting, SDR and HDR broadcasting and post production. The system supports standard SDI formats up to 12G-SDI and offers 12G-SDI by-pass output and 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 simultaneous conversion output. In combination with the company’s WonderLookPro, the most powerful LUT creation and real-time color management software, the IS-mini 4K provides highly accurate color conversion and color management.

The IS-mini 4K can be used simultaneously with different camera models to achieve a consistent look. One camera log source can be converted to HDR/SDR simultaneously by selecting the same parameters. Grading HDR/SDR can be done simultaneously as well, enabling the visuals to have a consistent look. Color space conversion can also be accomplished by selecting the same parameters. Typical conversions are accomplished as preset conversions with just one click. The IS-mini 4K can also be used for 4K HDR on-set grading.

For post-production applications, the IS-mini 4K easily converts existing LUTs for other camera input, and for other output color spaces in different file formats. Using the IS-mini 4K as a pattern generator, WonderLook Pro, can measure a monitor's color characteristics automatically and generate error compensated LUT which can be matched with a mastering monitor.

WonderLookPro is provided to all IS-mini users for free.