Timelapse+ releases timelapse plug-in for Lightroom
May 7, 2019

Timelapse+ releases timelapse plug-in for Lightroom

MINNEAPOLIS — Timelapse+ (www.timelapseplus.com) has introduced Timelapse+ Studio, a Lightroom plug-in that offers professional quality timelapse organizing and editing. The plug-in allows users to group photos by timelapse, quickly detecting sequences in the current library view (or your entire library), and creating a  collection for each one. Studio intelligently identifies transitions and mark them with a star, so users can focus on editing.

Once a user has edited each of the keyframed (starred) images, they can use the blend tool to smoothly blend the settings between each keyframe. It can also animate the crop for a ‘Ken Burns’ effect or animate brushes and gradients for stylisting effects. 

Preview features allow editors to get a quick idea of how the timelapse will look before waiting for it to render. They can even playback at various speeds, or scrub through frames.

“For many people, if they're not already familiar with it, timelapse post processing can be complicated and pretty hard to follow,” says Elijah Parker, Timelapse+’s founder and CEO. “It's very easy to mess up and get disappointing results. So it got me thinking about what we could do to make it simpler for the most common use cases. With the Timelapse+ Studio plug-in, the common tasks in post processing timelapse are all automated, and you don't have to use XMPs. Just import the photos, and let the plug-in guide you through the rest.”

Timelapse+ is offering a free, seven-day trial. One-time pricing is $49, and there are no monthly subscription costs or the need for an Internet connection after registration.