XenData partners with Wasabi to launch cloud file storage service
March 20, 2019

XenData partners with Wasabi to launch cloud file storage service

LAS VEGAS — XenData (www.xendata.com), the provider of high capacity data storage solutions based on hybrid cloud, data tape and optical cartridges, has launched a new, highly scalable yet affordable service to archive files to Wasabi hot cloud storage.

The cloud file storage service includes subscriptions for XenData Cloud File Gateway software that runs on Windows servers on-premises and allows any file-based application running on the local network to write to and read from Wasabi. The service creates a hybrid cloud archive using XenData software to manage a local disk volume, creating a smart disk cache, which maximizes overall restore performance and minimizes the use of Internet bandwidth.

The service also includes a subscription for XenData FS Mirror - file system mirroring software that runs on the same server as the Cloud File Gateway. It allows any file-folder structure on the local network to be mirrored to Wasabi, providing data protection and disaster recovery copies of selected network file systems.

The new Cloud File Storage Service is available for a simple price model of $0.01 per GB per month, based only on the volume of data stored in the cloud. There are no charges for uploads or downloads. The price includes Premium XenData Support and software subscriptions for an unlimited number of installations of XenData Cloud File Gateway and FS Mirror.

Most other public cloud storage providers have hefty charges for downloads to on-premises locations. These are often termed egress or bandwidth charges, and they can be prohibitively high. The XenData-Wasabi approach, with no egress or API request fees, makes cloud storage attractive for active archive applications, which typically have frequent file restores.

The Cloud File Storage Service allows files to be written to any of the three Wasabi regions: US-West, US-East and EU-Central. Furthermore, it can be extended to multi-cloud environments, allowing files to be written to and restored from other cloud storage providers, in addition to Wasabi. These include Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

The XenData Cloud File Storage Service will be available starting May 1st. The Cloud File Gateway and FS mirror software is currently available in preview and will be demonstrated at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas.