iZotope acquires Exponential Audio
April 3, 2019

iZotope acquires Exponential Audio

CAMBRIDGE, MA — iZotope, Inc. (www.izotope.com), experts in intelligent audio technology, have acquired the Exponential Audio product line. Exponential Audio is known for its digital reverb, including the R4, PhoenixVerb Surround and Symphony. 
Exponential Audio reverb plug-ins help audio engineers quickly and easily bring character to musical performances, fit dialogue into scenes, mix in immersive audio formats, and create never-before-heard sound effects. Developed in consultation with award-winning Hollywood re-recording mixers, these reverbs support the most advanced industry formats for surround audio.
In addition, Exponential Audio founder and reverb expert Michael Carnes joins the iZotope team as a research fellow to continue innovating new possibilities for sound. Carnes is a long-time software developer and musician. Prior to starting Exponential Audio, he was the creator of Lexicon’s 960L, the PCM96, and the Lexicon plug-ins. Beyond hardware and software development, Carnes holds an advanced degree in classical composition, adding musicality and creativity to the plug-ins he develops.
“Exponential Audio’s commitment to excellence and quality aligns perfectly with the iZotope philosophy, and Michael’s product line already has a world-leading reputation in reverb and surround,” says iZotope CEO and co-founder, Mark Ethier, "We look forward to gaining Michael's experience and unique insight to develop new products together, and it’s a privilege to welcome Exponential Audio customers into the iZotope community."

“By combining forces with iZotope I know the potential for future innovation is vast,” says Carnes “I am eager to bring Exponential Audio’s expertise, technology, and values to iZotope, and I’m excited to imagine what we can deliver together for our customers.”
Exponential Audio’s products will now be sold through iZotope.com. Current and future users of Exponential Audio products will become part of the iZotope community, and will be supported by iZotope's Customer Care team.