<I>Mother Earth</I> video calls attention to crisis in Amazon
December 7, 2020

Mother Earth video calls attention to crisis in Amazon

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — Drum virtuoso Cindy Blackman Santana, whose artistry spans the realms of jazz and rock, recently teamed up with producer Sarah duPont and director Jon Fine to create a video short for Amazon Aid Foundation, a nonprofit organization that uses multimedia and film to educate about the importance of the Amazon and the implications of its destruction.

The 1:28 Mother Earth video features imagery of Amazon wildlife in their natural habitat, juxtaposed against footage of deforestation, fires and man-made encroachment. It quickly becomes clear that man is adversely impacting both the enviroment and its diverse species of inhabitants.

“I implore each and everyone, to make conscious choices to help support and save our Earth’s lungs - the Amazon!,” says Blackman Santana. “This beautiful life support system is vital and a key element in our very survival and quality of life. Mother Earth is calling you, please answer with love.”

Director/editor Jon Fine, who is also a musician, united the increasing tempo of Blackman Santana’s rhythmic soundtrack with a montage of scenes from Amazon Aid’s extensive video library, National Geographic videographer Bertie Gregory, and additional library footage. Authentic sounds from the jungle are woven throughout to help create a moving and immersive experience. 

“When I first heard Cindy’s incredible track, I could immediately feel its connection to an urgent call to protect the Amazon rainforest,” says producer Sarah duPont, who is the founder of Amazon Aid. “Jon masterfully connects her exquisite piece to visuals that create a beautiful and haunting metaphor for how quickly we are losing sacred land that is vital to all of humanity.”

Fine edited the project in Adobe Premiere.