Animated Women UK allowing non-members to attend Webinars
October 30, 2020

Animated Women UK allowing non-members to attend Webinars

LONDON — This November, Animated Women UK ( is opening up its Achieve Online Workshops to all women. Previousy only available to members, the career development workshops are now being extended to a larger audience.

The organization will run two online workshops in November, aimed at helping women achieve their career goals. The workshops will be open to women at all levels of experience, are being supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund, with contributions from UK animation productions. 

The two stand-alone sessions will be presented via Zoom, and are open to as many as 20 participants. Virtual break-out spaces will allow participants to share ideas and receive feedback in small, supportive groups. Participants need to be able to run Zoom, access audio and video from their device, and have a ScreenSkills profile.

Each workshop will run from 6pm to 7:30pm and will cost $33 (£25).
On Novmeber 3rd, Animated Women UK will present “Confidence and Getting Your Voice Heard”. The session will cover how to get heard in dailies, how to put yourself forward and speak up at work; how to understand personal status and how to flex yours; the ability to learn vocal and physical techniques that will enable you to present with confidence and effectively market yourself and your ideas; and building a mindset to overcome ‘imposter syndrome’. Take away tips will include dealing with common communication challenges. 

On November 10th, Animated Women UK will present “Impact and Building the Brand You”. In this Webinar, participants will learn what presence and gravitas mean in practice; how to improve your impact skills when presenting in both formal and informal situations; how to define what you’re known for, including your personal brand; and understanding your model and how to make it work for you. It will also look at how to overcome common challenges in order to develop a strong personal brand. 

Jan Armstrong and Marianne O’Connor serve as workshop leaders. Armstrong is a coach, facilitator and trainer, who specializes in women’s leadership development and helping individuals achieve their full potential. O’Connor is a communications expert and accredited executive coach, who has a track record of working with senior and high potential women on how they can develop their personal brand to raise their profile.