Butter Music & Sound's new division targets Latinx market
July 27, 2020

Butter Music & Sound's new division targets Latinx market

LOS ANGELES — International music and sound collective Butter Music and Sound (https://www.gimmebutter.com) has launched a new multicultural division that will work closely with agencies and brands on campaigns crafted toward US Latinx consumers. The collective has tapped musician/recording artist James Zavaleta to serve as executive producer for the new venture. 

Zavaleta has partnered with agencies and brands as a consulting music producer on a range of branded projects, overseeing the entire audio process, with an eye towards the authentic cultural representation of Latinx music. He is also an experienced and versatile singer, songwriter and producer, with credits that range from singing on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, to recording over 30 national jingles, and contributing voiceover musical work on Disney/Pixar’s Academy Award-winning film Coco.

“I’ve always been drawn to commercials through my work as a vocalist,” he explains. “I recorded my first spot with Butter in 2012. We just vibed so well that after eight years of working together, this next phase feels organic. I’m excited by the opportunity to fuse my musical background with Butter’s, and bring authenticity to the multicultural ad space.”  

“We are so thrilled to officially bring James onto the team and gain his expertise and insight,” adds West Coast EP. Annick Mayer. “When James and I started talking about this partnership a few months ago, all the pieces fell into place effortlessly. He has been an unofficial part of the Butter family for years now, so the progression couldn’t feel more seamless!”