EditShare innovation improves cloud editing economics
June 23, 2020

EditShare innovation improves cloud editing economics

BOSTON — EditShare has unveiled an EFSv innovation that transforms the economics of editing in the cloud while significantly improving the efficiencies of dynamic and remote editing workflows. Making cloud editing more accessible to more facilities, EFSv optimizes the use of both object and block storage located in the cloud to allow for savings up to 75 percent compared to the existing costs of cloud storage and workstations. A solution that solves the work arounds associated with proxy editing and conforming, EFSv facilitates a true seamless proxy editing experience for all editors, including Adobe, Avid, Blackmagic Design and Grass Valley. Costs savings through better cloud storage management allows facilities to keep production content and archives online and available at all times.
"The economics of cloud production have been a barrier to widespread adoption for media companies everywhere,” explains Conrad Clemson, CEO of EditShare. “Often it is considered as a back-up plan or short-term workaround to a specific situation or project. While other solutions provide a bandaid for the problems, we have actually solved it. The innovative implementation of the seamless proxy editing feature of EFSv unlocks the power of the cloud as the last piece of the content supply chain.” 
With EFSv, high-resolution original files can be stored in economical object storage, yet read through the EFSv native file system driver while small lightweight editing proxies are stored in standard block storage. Both sets of files are always available and accessible to the NLE application.  Additionally, for Adobe Premiere Pro, the new FLOW panel automates the clip import process to ensure Premiere Pro understands that both versions exist, and enables the ability to toggle back and forth between them at any time. 

EditShare will be hosting Webinars throughout the day on Wednesday, June 24th. Register online at: https://editshare.com/news-events/events.