Editorial boutique The Den opens in LA
February 24, 2020

Editorial boutique The Den opens in LA

LOS ANGELES — Christjan Jordan and Mary Ellen Duggan have joined forces to launch The Den (http://thedeneditorial.com), an independent boutique editorial house in LA. Jordan is an award-winning editor whose clients include Amazon, GEICO and Hulu. Duggan’s bi-coastal career includes heading production departments at both KPB and Cliff Freeman on the East Coast, and most recently The Big Family Table in Los Angeles. She has also freelanced throughout the country. The two long-time friends and colleagues have a passion for - and commitment to - creating stellar work, building talent and focusing on diversity within the industry. 

Photo (L-R): Duggan and Jordan

“We want to surround ourselves with a community of hardworking, goodhearted and talented people,” notes Jordan. “We hope everyone who walks in the door feels that same vibe.”

Jordan has worked with Arcade Edit, Cosmo Street and Rock Paper Scissors, among others. He is often found editing with his dog Ziggy on his lap. Some of his credits include Amazon’s Alexa Loses Her Voice and GEICO’s Longest Goal Celebration Ever. He cut two spots that appearing during this year’s Super Bowl: Hulu’s Tom Brady’s Big Announcement and Walmart’s Famous Visitors.

The Den’s founding roster also features editor Andrew Ratzlaff, a talent who has cut many high profile comedy spots. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining The Den because I’ll be working with some very talented people who support the work and one another in a big way,” says Ratzlaff. “There’s also something exciting about being included on the ground floor. It becomes about more than just editing - it’s about building a culture, establishing a presence and creating an environment that allows for creativity to flourish.” 

Also joining the team is junior editor Hannelore Gomes, an up-and-coming talent with a passion for the craft.

“Hannelore is a pure joy to be around,” says Duggan. 

The Den will be adding more editing talent to its roster over the next few months. 

Rachel Seitel also comes on board as partner and head of business development. The Den will be represented by Diane Patrone at The Family on the East Coast, and on the West Coast, by Ezra Burke and Shane Harris.