Envy debuts 'Remote' collaboration tool
November 4, 2020

Envy debuts 'Remote' collaboration tool

LONDON — Envy (envypost.co.uk) is now allowing content creators and editors who post at the studio to collaborate seamlessly wherever they are, thanks to the launch of Envy Remote. The new platform, designed by the Envy team, brings production, editing on-site and editing remotely together through web and mobile apps.

Envy Remote provides secure and easy access to a host of services, all under one login. Remote  provides editors with direct, dual-screen access to their edit suite. They can access the same shared project as the rest of the team, with the producer also seeing the same screens in realtime.

The service uses Signiant to give the team secure access to their client store, allowing them to upload music, voiceovers and other files directly to the edits. Clients can add categories and tasks, then assign them to any team member. Team members get notified on the mobile app and progress can be tracked throughout.

A notes function allows the whole team to see all edit and production notes in one place, including attachments. Discussions and live chat allows everyone on the project to start fixed discussions on any topic, or ad-hoc live chats with individuals, all from the web and mobile tools.

A shared project calendar makes sure everyone on the project stays up to date with project milestones, shoots, viewings and events. And Frame.io integration provides access to all Frame.io links from within the platform. Clients don’t need to hunt through their emails, and editors can quickly import any comments directly into Avid.

A storyboards feature replicates the wall of sticky notes that would usually be in the suite. Users can create a storyboard, add notes, change the order, text color and organization. The platform will be available to all Envy clients, allowing everyone on a project to get the benefits, wherever they are.

“Envy Remote is a unique platform which will extend our services to our clients,” explains Dave Cadle, CEO of Envy. “Working remotely is here to stay and this period has given us the idea of creating something truly progressive for production teams and editors by enhancing the collaborative process regardless if you are working at Envy or working from home. Flexibility and adaptability is the key, and this platform will do just that. This is an industry leading platform.’

“I believe Envy Remote takes cloud editing to a whole new level,” adds Daniel Sassen, CTO of Envy. “It was a huge challenge integrating so many different systems with a mixture of public and private cloud technologies. As well as the Envy Remote front-end, we have built a whole backend-end orchestration portal to manage it. We are just getting started, there are many more additions to Envy Remote launching in the coming months.’

Envy Remote is available on the web, the App Store and Google Play.