Kilo Studio launches as affordable, cloud-based production management solution
July 2, 2020

Kilo Studio launches as affordable, cloud-based production management solution

HOLLYWOOD — Klio Studio is a new, affordable, cloud-based production management solution that is purpose built for film, television and commercial productions. The solution was designed by Adrienne Lunson, a former US Navy officer, talk-show host and film producer, who recently entered the tech industry.

“I discovered all these great tools for managing complex tech builds and thought, ‘Why didn’t we have this?’ And of course, as a military veteran, I am always looking to increase order and teamwork.” 

Two years later, Klio Studio was born.

“While we’ve been building Klio Studio since 2017, when the Coronavirus appeared, we knew we had to launch ASAP to help producers manage their newly-distributed teams online and effectively,” says Lunson. “Since we were already in beta, we kept hustling and are excited to launch this current, affordable and needed solution to Hollywood today.”

The Klio Studio system keeps producers and their collaborators on track throughout the production process starting with development, through fundraising, pre-production, production, post production and release. Klio Studio’s toolset unifies all aspects of production, including tasks, schedules, chat and file sharing. 

“Because Klio Studio is cloud-based, staff can work remotely on multiple productions at once, potentially getting millions of people back to work from the Coronavirus crisis sooner and everyone’s favorite shows back on the air.”

Lunson adds that Klio Studio is well suited for commercials, online content, or movies. Pricing starts at $11.99/month and a free trial is available at