Local 695 to host 8/1 livestream on diversity
July 24, 2020

Local 695 to host 8/1 livestream on diversity

NORTH HOLLYWOOD — On Saturday, August 1st, IATSE Local 695’s newly-formed Committee on Equity, Diversity & Outreach will host a live-stream on the challenges faced by sound and video engineers of color in the entertainment industry. “Diversity in 695: A Conversation” will feature a panel of accomplished professionals representing diverse crafts, genders and ethnicities. The discussion will look at the importance of addressing racial inequity and achieving a more representative workforce in Hollywood.

Dr. Anna Everett, Professor Emeritus of Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, will lead the conversation and provide important historical context. The event will explore the collective experiences of the panelists at different stages in their careers. While progress on diversity continues, this conversation will highlight the persistence of racial inequity as a significant barrier to success in the entertainment industry.

“At Local 695 we continue to make greater inclusion an absolute priority,” states Mark Ulano, president Local 695. “By listening to our members, we constantly re-evaluate our course of action to best serve everyone in our union. We’ve pledged resources to provide substantive training and outreach, nurturing new talent and giving them a genuine chance to thrive.”

Panelists set to participae include sound mixer (Tenet) Willie Burton, sound utility (The Mandalorian) Veronica Kahn, sound mixer (Bones) Susan Moore-Chong, video engineer (X-Men: First Class) Chauncy Godwin, sound mixer (Vida) Anthony Ortiz, boom operator (Tenet) Douglas W. Shamburger, and sound utility (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) Yohannes Skoda.

The Webcast will take place from 10am to 12pm on the 1st. Register online at: www.local695.com/diversity.