Luma Touch adds pro features to iOS editing app
July 13, 2020

Luma Touch adds pro features to iOS editing app

SEATTLE — Luma Touch ( has added new professional features to its iOS editing app, LumaFusion. With the new V.2.3 release, LumaFusion now includes multiselect directly in the timeline, cut/copy/paste clip in and between timelines, pasting attributes to multiple clips at once, and deep integration with the collaborative review and approval platform, 
With multiselect, LumaFusion editors can use various methods to select an entire range of clips in the timeline, allowing the selected clips to be dragged to a new location, copied, deleted, or have attributes applied. With the new cut/copy/paste clips feature, multiple selected clips can be quickly pasted to a new location or another project.

Additionally, LumaFusion editors with a account can now collaborate with other filmmakers without leaving LumaFusion. This new integration allows LumaFusion editors to see source media with comments and annotations, then reply directly from the LumaFusion preview. Only media that is used on the LumaFusion timeline will be transferred to the device. While editing, new comments can be added to the timeline and uploaded to where collaborators can respond in real-time back to the LumaFusion timeline. 
LumaFusion V.2.3 is available immediately for download in the Apple App Store and is priced at $29.99.