Music Video: GFM — <I>Taking Over</I>
April 13, 2020

Music Video: GFM — Taking Over

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Beauty-core trio GFM (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh) recently released a new video for the Joey Sturgis-produced single Taking Over. The teenage sisters’ latest release premiered on the Alternative Press Website and shares a message of standing up for oneself and for others.

GFM ( is made up of CJ English (guitar/vocals), Maggie English (bass, keyboards, vocals) and LuLu English (drums, vocals). Dale ‘Rage” Resteghini ( directed the project, which features the band in their pink cheerleader uniforms delivering an aggressive performance in front of a pure-white background. Performance footage is augmented with visual effects such as lightning and energy beams, all in the band’s signature pink color scheme.

“The girls crushed the video,” Resteghini says. “I love helping hot new bands breakthrough the noise. One listen to the single Taking Over, I knew I had to do this. These young girls have already shown they can handle the rigors of tour life and are destined for greatness!”

Resteghini adds that the project’s indie budget and logistics made it a challenge. 

“I often have to establish a strategy that lets me help put the band in the best position to win, and for this video, I felt a video with some dope VFX blended with some raw performance footage was the creative solution,” says the director.
The video was in the girls’ hometown of Jacksonville using a Canon 80D, which Resteghini (@reelrage) says was well suited for the gritty vibe the band wanted to project.  

Q Williams (@CeoQDisney) handled the edit and VFX using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Autodesk Maya. The effects work involved building 3D models of different objects, including a TV set and a military tank with the band’s logo on the side. Physics-based animation was used for the scene in which the wall crumbles. Some of the lightning effects were generated in After Effects.