Music Video: Janet Devlin — <I>Better Now</I>
October 16, 2020

Music Video: Janet Devlin — Better Now

GORTIN, NORTHERN IRELAND — Janet Devlin’s new music video plays like a short film. Better Now features the artist reflecting on her life, riding a pure black horse through a lush green landscape that sharply contrasts her fiery red hair. The project was directed and edited by Katya Ganfeld, with Sir Franz Pagot serving as director of photography.

"It has long been a dream of mine to shoot a music video with horses, even more so to film back home in Ireland,” says Devlin. “So when developing the concept for the Better Now video, both those thoughts were not far from my mind. I knew Katya Ganfeld would once again do my song justice, and when she brought on board celebrated cinematographer Sir Franz Pagot, I was blown away. The shoot was amazing, just being around horses makes me so happy, and I was surrounded by an incredible crew, who were so talented and who knocked it out of the park to bring real creativity and originality.”

Devlin adds that she was especially impressed by how much they were able to achieved on a such a tight budget.

The video was shot at Gortin Glen Forest Park and Beltrim Castle in Northern Ireland using a Fuji XT3. Drone footage was captured by Paul Kennedy of Lifelike Media using a DJI Mavic Pro 2. The rich color palette was brought to life by Darren Moysten at Online Creative, who handled the grade.