New agency represents VFX & post talent
November 5, 2020

New agency represents VFX & post talent

LONDON — Harriet Donington has launched The VFX & Post Talent Agency, a new European agency specializing exclusively in visual effects and post production. Donington’s experience includes helping to build the successful VFX division at Sara Putt Associates, where she spent 10 years nurturing and developing the careers of VFX and post talent. Her natural instincts in selecting a roster of premium talent have led to the launch of The VFX Post & Talent Agency ( 

The agency launches with a core roster of 14 VFX and post production experts that includes VFX supervisors, producers, editors and post production supervisors.

“With an increasing demand for VFX in film and TV, there’s a global shortage of people with the right skills and industry experience,” she explains. “Coming from a VFX background, I appreciate the nuances involved and the time felt right to set up a specialist agency, to nurture and manage careers whilst understanding the studios’ needs and supplying considered world-class talent.”

Donington adds that the agency is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, equality and diversity in every aspect of VFX and post production.