OpenDrive's introduces versatile, scalable Ultra Hardware Platform
June 30, 2020

OpenDrive's introduces versatile, scalable Ultra Hardware Platform

LOS ANGELES — OpenDrives (, the provider of network-attached-storage (NAS) solutions, has introduced a new platform that’s specifically designed to enable users to scale up in multiple dimensions while preserving ultra-high performance, super-low latency and intelligent data integrity. The Ultra Hardware Platform includes three different NAS hardware solutions and is controlled by OpenDrives’ centralized management software, Atlas.
"In scale-up instances, the most common method to increase performance and capacity is to add more disks until a limit is reached,” explains Sean Lee, chief product and strategy officer at OpenDrives. “Then customers face the dilemma of adding an additional system, which does not aggregate the capacity or performance, as well as being complex, costly and difficult to manage. With Ultra's architecture, customers can choose which dimension or dimensions they want to scale - capacity, performance, or both - without limits."
OpenDrives’ Ultra Hardware Platform includes three different NAS hardware series, all managed by the new Atlas centralized management software platform, enabling organizations to grow their storage solution in multiple dimensions - performance, capacity and concurrency - to match their business requirements.

The Ultimate Series delivers the highest level of performance and throughput in the Ultra Hardware Platform. Designed with speed and low latency in mind, the Ultimate incorporates an all-flash NVMe design in the form of the F and FD capacity modules to handle the most demanding workflows.

For organizations that require a balance between performance and flexibility, the Optimum Series was designed to provide freedom of choice and is configurable with either all-flash NVMe (F, FD) or SAS HDD (H, HD) capacity modules, or both. The workhorse of the Ultra Hardware Platform, the Optimum can handle resource-intensive workflows while also managing data integrity with ease.

The Momentum Series leverages OpenDrives’ HDD (H, HD) capacity models to deliver high performance at a cost-effective price. Designed to excel at write-intensive workflows, such as camera-heavy security surveillance, the Momentum provides power at a price-point to meet any budget.
OpenDrives’ Atlas software program is will be a free upgrade in Q4 for all OpenDrives customers. Altas combines all-new intelligence technology with automation in an easy-to-use, single-pane-of-glass centralized management solution for the OpenDrives Ultra hardware family. With the ability to manage all OpenDrives systems from a single interface, companies can manage their entire storage infrastructure no matter how geographically distributed it may be. Plus, Atlas seamlessly incorporates intelligent data integrity to ensure against corrupt data or data loss. New features include inline and proactive caching, bandwidth throttling and actionable analytics to support business intelligence. 
Recently, OpenDrives adapted its NAS solution to fit the transition to a remote workforce. In March, the company introduced OpenDrives Anywhere, an in-place private cloud model that enables users to work on the same project from multiple locations, without any compromises in workflow performance, quality and security of files.