Red Giant tools available for free to students & educators
March 27, 2020

Red Giant tools available for free to students & educators

PORTLAND, OR — Red Giant’s suite of tools - known as Red Giant Complete - is now available for free to students or faculty members of a university, college or high school. The full set of tools includes Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite and Shooter Suite. 

Trapcode Suite is a particle system. Magic Bullet Suite can be used for color correction. Universe is designed for editing, while the VFX Suite is a set of plug-ins for keying, tracking, cleanup and visual effects compositing inside of Adobe After Effects. Shooter Suite provides tools for A/V syn and backup.

All that’s required to access the tools is a simple verification. Students or teachers can show proof of current employment or enrollment by sending details to Once approved, they can head over to the Red Giant Complete product page ( and “buy” a free version. 

The free education subscription will last 180 days. When that time period ends, users will need to re-verify their academic status to renew their free subscription.