Sohonet introduces ClearView Pivot remote collaboration solution
February 13, 2020

Sohonet introduces ClearView Pivot remote collaboration solution

LOS ANGELES — Sohonet ( has introduced ClearView Pivot, a new solution for realtime remote editing, color grading, live screening and finishing reviews at full cinema quality. The new solution will provide connectivity and collaboration services for productions around the world, and is currently being deployed by a major Hollywood studio. 

ClearView Pivot offers 4K high dynamic range (HDR) with 12-bit color depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling for full-color quality video streaming with ultra-low latency and is provided over the company’s uncontended private media network, which avoids the extreme compression required do to contention and latency of public Internet connections.

Sohonet has worked closely with major productions for over 20 years and began initial development of ClearView Pivot in concert with their clients. 

“Studios around the world need a realtime 4K collaboration tool that can process video at lossless color fidelity utilizing the industry-standard JPEG 2000 codec between two locations across a network like ours - avoiding the headache of the current ‘equipment only’ approach is the only scalable solution,” explains Chuck Parker, CEO of Sohonet. 

ClearView Pivot offers ease of use combined with the high security required by global content studios as the only integrated solution approved by ISE (Independent Security Evaluators). Sohonet’s solution provides an encrypted stream between each endpoint and provides an auditable usage trail for every solution. The SMN connection offers ultra-low latency (measured in milliseconds, not seconds), and unlike equipment-only solutions that require the user to navigate firewall and security issues and perform a “solution check” before each session, ClearView Pivot works immediately every time. As a point-to-multipoint solution, the user can also ‘pivot’ easily from one endpoint to the next to collaborate with multiple people at the click of a button, or even stream to multiple destinations at the same time. 

Sohonet has been working closely with productions on lots and on locations over the past few years in the ongoing development of ClearView Pivot. In those real-world settings, ClearView Pivot has been put through its paces with trials across multiple departments, and the color technologies have been fully inspected and approved by experts across the industry. Early adoption across the post community has been strong, and Sohonet is fulfilling orders for more than 70 locations around the globe.