Universal Production Music's '100% Her' highlights women in music
March 9, 2020

Universal Production Music's '100% Her' highlights women in music

SANTA MONICA & LONDON — Universal Production Music (www.universalproductionmusic.com) has digitally released "100% Her", a new production music album featuring tracks that were all composed, mixed and mastered by women. "100% Her" is a collaborative effort between Universal Production Music and Shesaid.so (www.shesaid.so), an international and diverse network of women within the music industry. The initiative was also supported by She Is The Music, a global non-profit working to increase the number of women in music. The album’s release is timed in celebration of International Women’s Day.  

"It has been an honor working with Universal Production Music on a project that not only brings real value to women who make music, but a real business opportunity as well,” says Andreea Magdalina, founder of Shesaid.so. “Studies show the percentage of women working in the music studio is extremely low, so we wanted to come up with an idea that brings visibility to women already doing work in this space whilst creating more awareness about production music as a viable career path for those who are new to it. I hope that the 10 creators whose tracks we selected will see great benefits from it over time."  

To create the album, the campaign sought out production music tracks created solely by women. The campaign also aimed to build more awareness around production music within all-women music networks. Universal Production Music conducted a broad search for female-identifying composers and artists to be featured in upcoming compilations of original tracks. 

"100% Her" features 10 tracks spanning electronica, future R&B, future bass and more. The songs were picked out of 470 submissions received from across the globe. 

“It’s no secret there’s a lack of female composers within the industry and, while this is just the beginning, we want to help affect change,” explains Dina Liberg, senior key account manager at Universal Production Music. “Our hope is that this project has encouraged more female composers and artists to consider working in production music and that the music industry will take action to further support this important change for good.” 

"100% Her" will be released on the Universal Production Music Atmosphere label and will be available for licensing. The track listing is as follows:

Jhene - Mona Khoshoi
Solitude - Kate Elizabeth Lloyd
Fall - Villette
Altitude - Sarah May Playford
Fields of Glee - Emily Marie Richou
94’ - Marilyn Deang
Open Ocean - Bryn Bliska
Luna - Elizabeth Charlotte Massey
M&M - Charley M van Veldhoven
Jazz In The Park W/Tea – Jen Miller