Vegas Creative Software updates 'Post' suite
April 20, 2020

Vegas Creative Software updates 'Post' suite

MADISON, WI — Vegas Creative Software ( is reinforcing its partnership with FXhome ( via the continued development of Vegas Post, a powerful suite of editing, VFX, compositing and imaging tools. Vegas Post will now include updated versions of Vegas Effects and Vegas Image.

The two companies entered into a partnership back in 2019. FXhome is the creator of the popular editing and VFX software, HitFilm. The result of the partnership was the creation of Vegas Post, a content creation package that has the Vegas Pro NLE at its core. Vegas Post provides video editing tools along with tools for compositing, visual effects and still image editing - thanks to FXhome. The package is well suited for video professionals in post production facilities of all sizes and requirements.

Vegas Effects is a full-featured visual effects and compositing tool that provides a vast array of high-quality effects, presets and correction tools. The solution offers more than 800 effects and filters, including particle generators, text and titling tools, behavior effects, 3D model rendering, and a unified 3D space. Additional effects include fire and lightning generators, green screen removal tools, muzzle-flash generators, and tools for picture-in-picture and vertical video integration.

Vegas Image is a non-destructive raw image compositor that enables video editors to work with still image and graphical content, and incorporate it directly into their final productions. It is directly integrated within Vegas Post. This new update delivers a broad range of feature updates, including brush masks, light-ray effects, lens-distortion effects, a halftone effect and color overlay masks. Users can also move, rotate and scale a selection of layers. And a denoise step for RAW images helps remove defective pixels and large noise patterns.

Vegas Post is available immediately and is priced at $999. A subscription is also available for $21.00 per month.