Webinar: PMA Academy looks at music library business
July 20, 2020

Webinar: PMA Academy looks at music library business

LOS ANGELES — The Production Music Association’s PMA Academy will hold a group of roundtable sessions on Tuesday, July 21st, at 11:00am PST. Five different breakout rooms will look at a number of topics that relate to the production music business.

The following is a look at Tuesday’s lineup:

Breakout Room 1: Creating A Sample Library - "The Sound Of $$$”
-  How to be Original in a Saturated Market
-Choosing a Platform
- E-commerce
- Marketing
- Why are People Not Buying
- Tech support
Host: Dan Brown Jr, 5x Emmy Award Winner & Creative Director of CrimeSonics

Breakout Room 2: The Latest In YouTube/Digital Monetization
- The current state of content management and monetization during COVID
- New manual claiming technology and the enhancements to content detection
- Catalogue scanning and validation
- New auto release technology and whitelisting
Host: Jesse Worstell, AdRev's VP of Rights Management

Breakout Room 3: Is This The Right Time For Me To Sell My Catalog?
- What you need to know 
- What/How to prepare 
- What to gain from sale 
- Operational or Asset Sale 
- Buyer's Questions 
- The Valuation process and $ ask
Host: Jonathan Firstenberg, Founder/Owner, 3 Ear Music Group and REP 

Breakout Room 4: Musical AI: Present & Future
How can AI help us create music? What tools are available today and will the future hold? We will showcase some of the most exciting tools in the market, and discuss future possibilities based on today's research. What tools do you wish existed? Everyone is invited to share their vision for the future. 
Host: Dr. Maya Ackerman, PhD., CEO/Co-Founder WaveAI

Breakout Room 5: Becoming A Cohesive Music Brand In An Ever-Changing World
The only thing inevitable is change, and 2020 reinforces that now more than ever before. How do we as music professionals keep our focus on what makes us successful, both as individuals and as corporations? Whether you’re an artist, a music production company, a music supervisor, or a producer; these are questions we ask ourselves every day. 
-What makes your company or you as an individual unique? 
-Have you ever considered your ‘brand’, and if so, how cohesive a brand strategy do you have?
-Long term worth versus short-term gain
Host: Sally House, CEO/Founder, The Hit House