Ziva VFX now available to students & educators for free
April 9, 2020

Ziva VFX now available to students & educators for free

VANCOUVER — Ziva Dynamics (www.zivadynamics.com) is making its advanced character simulation software, Ziva VFX, available to students and educators for free. These are the same tools used on productions such as Game of ThronesHellboy and  John Wick 3, and can now be used on non-commercial projects. This represents an $1,800 value and gives students the chance to learn physics-based character creation before they graduate.
“Studios often contact us looking for Ziva specialists, but right now there’s not enough coming out of the schools to satisfy the demand,” explains James Jacobs, CEO of Ziva Dynamics. “With free academic licenses, students can start learning the software and schools can start building it into their curriculums right away, helping both take advantage of a growing trend in character creation.”
The Ziva method, now used by more than 90 studios, improves the character creation process by combining the effects of real-world physics with the rapid creation of soft-tissue materials like muscles, fat and skin. Since Ziva mirrors the properties of nature, artists can produce dynamic CG characters that automatically move, flex and jiggle just as they would in real life, removing difficult steps from the rigging process.
Ziva VFX Academic licenses are fully featured and receive the same access and support as other Ziva products. Users will receive frequent software updates and fixes, detailed tutorial videos and content, access to live demonstrations, and direct feedback and support from the Ziva team. They are also able to use free character assets for test simulations.

In addition to the software, Ziva Academic users will now receive free access to Ziva Dynamics’ simulation-ready assets Zeke the Lion (previously $10,000) and Lila the Cheetah, which have been used by studios like Pixomondo, Mr. X and Trixter. Thanks to Ziva VFX’s Anatomy Transfer feature, the Zeke rig has helped make squirrels, cougars, dogs and more for films like John Wick 3, A Dog’s Way Home and Primal.
Ziva Dynamics will also be providing a free Ziva Academic (https://zivadynamics.com/ziva-vfx-academic) floating Lab license to universities, so students can access the software in labs across campuses, whenever they want.
Ziva VFX Academic licenses are free and open to any fully accredited institution, student, professor or researcher. 

In related news, Ziva is looking to fill more than 30 positions in its Vancouver headquarters. See details here: https://zivadynamics.com/careers.