AJA's new Diskover Media Edition helps studios manage stored assets
October 12, 2021

AJA's new Diskover Media Edition helps studios manage stored assets

GRASS VALLEY, CA – AJA Video Systems (aja.com) has taken a proactive equity stake in data analytics software developer Diskover Data and simultaneously launched AJA Diskover Media Edition. The new software is based on open-source roots and lets media and entertainment professionals easily search, find and analyze media asset data originating from on-premises, remote and cloud storage – aggregating associated metadata into a unified global index. The solution can help users make more informed data decisions based on what it is costing to store assets across different platforms.
AJA Diskover Media Edition is designed to serve a range of professionals in the M&E industry, from executives to systems administrators, IT managers, operational personnel, creatives and beyond. The software allows users to easily index hundreds of petabytes of data and more to easily locate files, analyze them and pinpoint misallocated resources. It ultimately can save companies time and expenditure by helping them identify wasted storage space, aging and unused files, data changes and more. 
“We’ve seen firsthand how unwieldy data management has become for our clients in content production and post, which poses a huge challenge as the M&E market braces for an unprecedented content boom,” notes AJA president Nick Rashby. “The speed at which files are proliferating, determining where those files are stored, how much that storage costs, who is tapping into those files and where they’re being archived is essential, but that information is often hard to track down. AJA Diskover Media Edition takes the guesswork out of the equation, helping M&E professionals work much more efficiently. One of the secrets to AJA's success these many years has been our ability to deliver technologies that solve industry problems through partnerships with companies like Diskover, and we’re excited to share the resulting technology with the M&E community.”

Some of Diskover Media Edition’s highlights include its single master index, which ensures that cloud, remote and on-premises storage are up to date, and that data access and rights can be easily controlled on a per-user level. The solution provides a snapshot into time, allowing users to compare storage over time and project future growth demands, as well as identify areas of concern. Its open-source core allows it to scale to any environment size and type, as well as integrate with external APIs and order management platforms. Read-only access helps eliminate the risk of files being corrupted or deleted. And cost-analyst tools can help studios make informed, data-related decisions about time, resources and investments to reduce operating costs. 

AJA Diskover Media Edition is available for an annual subscription of $11,995 per node.