Adobe brings 'speech to text' to Premiere 15.4
July 20, 2021

Adobe brings 'speech to text' to Premiere 15.4

SAN JOSE, CA — Adobe ( Premiere Pro 15.4 introduces ‘speech to text’, an integrated and automated workflow for adding and customizing captions for video. The release also adds native support for Apple M1 devices, new tools for stylizing titles and captions, and other workflow improvements that help users work faster.

The speech to text feature automatically generates a transcript and adds captions to videos. Instead of manually moving between applications and platforms, users can now complete everything inside Premiere Pro. The feature offers support for 13 languages. If changes are needed to a transcription, such as the correct spelling of names, text edits are easily completed in the text panel inside Premiere Pro. Once a transcription is ready, users can select “create captions” to bring the captions onto the timeline. They can also customize the appearance of the captions using the design tools in the Essential Graphics panel. 
Speech to text also allows editors to search transcripts for specific words or phrases. By clicking on a word in the text panel, the playhead will move to the corresponding position in the timeline. Users can also export their transcript to generate an SRT or text file right from the text panel. 

Premiere Pro now takes advantage of Apple M1-powered Macs, with quicker launch times to export and faster editing. And thanks to optimizations for the Apple Neural Engine - part of the M1 chip architecture - Adobe Sensei features, like Auto Reframe and Scene Edit Detection, are noticeably accelerated. 

Version 15.4 also now offers more tools for stylizing text and captions, including the ability to add multiple shadows to text layers, the ability to change attributes of text backgrounds, and expanded font substitution, with support for 28 different international alphabets.