Assimilate's Live FX compositing solution now in open beta
October 20, 2021

Assimilate's Live FX compositing solution now in open beta

SAN JOSE, CA — Assimilate ( has announced an open beta for Live FX software, which enables realtime, live compositing for green-screen and LED wall-based virtual productions on set. Live FX is also designed for creating quick comps when scouting locations. It features the latest technology in keying, camera tracking, DMX light control, Notch Block integration, and a live link to Unreal Engine. This can simplify on-set virtual production for previsualization, as well as final pixel for in-camera VFX. By recording incoming dynamic metadata, along with the imagery, Live FX can automatically prep content for VFX/post. Filmmakers and artists can now work in a familiar film/video workflow rather than in a programming style environment. 

“The future of filmmaking is in virtual productions for the obvious reasons of time and cost savings in reduced logistics, travel, equipment, shipping, location set-ups and more,” states Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate. “Assimilate is supporting this process by pioneering live compositing on-set, which provides a significant leap in productivity and creativity for users. Live FX enables the most realistic pre-visualization up front in the workflow before the content moves down the pipeline and into post production. Additionally, we wanted to develop a tool that meets both needs of running on laptops for doing quick comps for location scouting or on-set quick checks, as well as on powerful systems to drive entire productions.” 

Live FX supports a broad range of tracking systems for a variety of on-set situations, such as indoor, outdoor, big stage or small set, tethered or untethered. To track camera movement, Live FX allows use of Intel RealSense tracking cameras, Mo-Sys StarTracker, HTC Vive trackers, and even gyro and ARKit technology inside smartphones mounted to the cinema camera. Even without a dedicated tracking device, Live FX is able to create camera tracks using its own live-tracking algorithm. All tracking data can be refined and synced to the incoming live camera signal, so all data stays in sync throughout the entire pipeline. Through its built-in virtual camera calibration, Live FX is able to calculate lens distortion and create final composites live on-set. 

To participate in the open beta, visit the Assimilate webpage and click the “Try” button for Live FX. Assimilate also has a Live FX tutorial series to help pros get up to speed quickly.