Audio Pro Network connecting students with professionals
June 21, 2021

Audio Pro Network connecting students with professionals

NEW YORK CITY — Audio Pro Network ( is a free platform for qualified audio industry professionals to network. The website also has a paid component that offers networking, courses, custom content, small group webinars and practice files for pro audio students looking to learn more and get career advice.

For $29.99/month, students can continue to build upon skills they have already learned in university as well as learn soft skill needed to be sucessful in a studio environment. Audio Pro Network’s paid program is designed to speed up the process to employment through actionable plans. When ready, APN will actively advocate on behalf of members to help them find positions in the industry. Studios and post production facilities can hire from the APN member base with confidence, knowing that prospective employees have been coached by industry veterans.

“With studio jobs hard to come by and competition tough, graduates now have somewhere to go to gain next-step mentorship support to help them land that first elusive job, as well as create meaningful connections within a community of like minded individuals,” explains Joseph Miuccio, founder of Audio Pro Network.

“Most people don't have access to audio professionals for advice,” Miuccio adds. “There are plenty of message boards and [Facebook] groups that offer a lot of one-off opinions, but the main goal of APN is an invested commitment to the sustained success of our members.”