Colorist Society launches Hollywood chapter
November 10, 2021

Colorist Society launches Hollywood chapter

LONDON — The Colorist Society ( has announced the launch of Colorist Society Hollywood, an exclusive, invitation-only group of well established color finishing artists. The group’s mission is to advocate for their craft, support diversity initiatives, and create educational opportunities for its members and associated industry partners. They will also seek to deepen CSI’s ties to other industry organizations and the wider entertainment industry.

“Colorist Society Hollywood is a vital resource to our continued growth and success,” explains CSI president Kevin Shaw. “Its membership includes distinguished colorists who occupy positions as trendsetters and influencers. We look to them to lead by example.”

Colorist Society Hollywood launches with a leadership of four distinguished officers. They include John Daro, lead digital intermediate colorist at Warner Post Production Creative Services; Michael Mintz, senior digital color timer at Margarita Mix, Hollywood; Josh Petok, a Los Angeles-based freelance colorist; and Troy Smith, senior colorist at Margarita Mix Hollywood. Colorist Society fellows Lynette Duensing, Lou Levinson and Walter Volpatto will serve in an advisory capacity.

Hollywood chapter officers (L-R) John Daro, Michael Mintz, Josh Petok and Troy Smith

Members are selected by Colorist Society fellows and chapter officers based on their professional accomplishments, commitment to their craft and years of service to the industry. Current members may submit others for consideration as new members. Invitation-only associate memberships are also available to professionals from related disciplines, including cinematographers, color scientists, engineer, DITs and others.

One of the new group’s primary goals will be to establish closer ties with organizations representing directors, cinematographers and other professional disciplines. It hopes to work with other groups in co-hosting master class, mentoring, technical and podcast events. The group will also host social and networking events live and virtual.

“It’s important that colorists have a greater voice in issues that matter to them and their careers,” says Duensing. “We want to be involved in the development of technical standards, gain recognition for our craft in major awards shows and to see ‘colorist’ designated as an individual category in IMDB.”