Composer Adrian Nicholas Valdez relies on KRK for soundtrack monitoring
October 19, 2021

Composer Adrian Nicholas Valdez relies on KRK for soundtrack monitoring

MIAMI — Peruvian musician and composer Adrian Nicholas Valdez ( has helped a number of motion pictures and video games promote their latest releases. Valdez comes from a hard rock guitar background, and has contributed to trailers for Mulan, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Ozark, The Handmaid’s Tale and Call of Duty, among many others. 

He began his music career at a Berklee School of Music international network college in Ecuador, and continued his education, later receiving a film scoring certificate from UCLA in Los Angeles.  

“Entertainment advertising is a completely different beast when it comes to mixing music,” says Valdez, who employs KRK V Series studio monitors and KRK KNS studio headphones. “There’s a combination of about 70 to 80 different elements, including various orchestration and trigger sounds, as well as modern elements like synthesizers, pads, guitars, basses and live drums—all that in a single song. I need to be able to hear all the different sounds at the same time to make a proper mix and a perfect master. With my KRK V Series studio monitors, I can hear all of the detail in my mix. It’s a very crisp and clean sound. Plus, I can really feel the bass of all the sub scenes and the booms that I need for the trailer production.”

When he works on the road, Valdez says KRK’s KNS headphones deliver the same sonic clarity that he expects from his studio. Some of Valdez’s latest work include trailers for a number of major motion pictures, including Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins and Chaos Walking. He has also worked on commercials for a variety of best-selling video games.