Dr. Sol Marghzar takes on consulting role with Stephen Arnold Music
August 11, 2021

Dr. Sol Marghzar takes on consulting role with Stephen Arnold Music

DALLAS — Stephen Arnold Music (www.stephenarnoldmusic.com) recently named Dr. Sol Marghzar director of audiology. Marghzar is a certified doctor of audiology and an expert in hearing and abnormal auditory perceptions, such as tinnitus. He will consult with the studio and its clients on how sound impacts human emotion and why the science of sound can be applied to sonic branding and musical compositions. Dr. Marghzar will also contribute articles and interviews, advising agencies and brands on how to more effectively use sound to connect with consumers.

“Sound is a powerful tool in stimulating emotion, telling stories and creating lasting memories,” says SAM founder and president Stephen Arnold. “In our increasingly voice-activated world, it’s essential to understand how sound is processed by the brain as part of a strategic approach to building sonic identities that support brands.”

Dr. Marghzar is certified by the American Board of Audiology and leads a clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, specializing in hearing disorders. Over the past 25 years, he has evaluated or treated more than 40,000 patients for tinnitus, hyperacusis and other problems. Known as “The Hearing Doctor”, he has supervised and trained other specialists in the field, served as an expert witness in court cases, and implemented innovative treatments for people with hearing disorders loss.

Dr. Marghzar points out that the amygdala - the part of the brain’s limbic system that governs emotion - is particularly sensitive to sound. Effective sonic branding leverages the brain’s processing system to forge deep ties with consumers. 

“The best sonic brands tap into our emotions, gradually and consistently,” he explains. “Eventually, they become a part of our belief system and are then almost impossible to dislodge. That’s what makes sonic branding so powerful… When we hear a sound, it triggers an emotional response and creates a memory. When we hear that sound again, the limbic system orders the filters within the brain retrieve those memories and reproduce those emotions. There are deep psychological reasons for this. Smart brands take advantage of this to connect and inspire people in a positive way.”