Editor Michael 'Middy' Ofori-Attah joins The Den
November 9, 2021

Editor Michael 'Middy' Ofori-Attah joins The Den

LOS ANGELES — The Den (thedeneditorial.com) has welcome editor Michael “Middy” Ofori-Attah to the bi-coastal editorial boutique. He will begin his tenure in Canada, with plans to relocate to the United States in the near future. 

Middy is known for his sharp eye and keen attention to detail. He focuses on the subtlety and nuance within each film, and finds the little emotional cues that resonate with viewers and elevate the story. This sensibility can be seen in a diverse body of work that explores both emotional narrative as well as the pulse-racing energy and visceral poetry of lifestyle, athletics and drama.

“I’m really interested in stories that develop through the characters, where you really feel something after watching the piece,” says Middy. “Whether I’m working on a project that is very cutty and fast-paced, or a more languid narrative, getting a vivid sense of a character and their story is utterly essential to me.”

Middy’s work includes campaigns for global brands such as McDonald’s, Hyundai and MLB, among others. His career got its start working on short form, action-packed and engaging content at Much Music. He then moved on to opportunities at Bell Media and CTV Fashion Television. His recent work with director Kelly Fyffe-Marshall on the short film Omi can be seen on Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween. 

“I immediately clicked with Middy when we first spoke,” says Rachel Seitel, co-founder at The Den. “Not only is his creative work incredibly high caliber, he’s also just a lovely person, with the kind of warmth and humor that make him a dream collaborator. He is such a great addition to The Den, we’re so happy to have him join us.”