Editor Val Thrasher joins The Den
December 10, 2021

Editor Val Thrasher joins The Den

LOS ANGELES — The Den (thedeneditorial.com), an independent, women-owned boutique edit house, has welcomed Val Thrasher to their editorial team. As a longtime lead editor, Thrasher excels at finding the emotional core of the story she is telling. 

Thrasher has worked on projects for global brands such as Apple, Facebook, Vans, Target and Honda. She is known for her ability to work across all genres, be it comedy, dialogue or visual storytelling. Some of her most recognizable work is Apple’s Mac Vs. PC campaign, which was named the Best Campaign of the Decade by Adweek.  

“Val is an amazingly talented editor,” says The Den’s co-founder Rachel Seitel. “This marks an exciting new chapter in her career and we’re happy to be a part of it. Her work speaks for itself, and her enthusiasm for the work is contagious. She’s been expanding her interests into other kinds of more visual work, like fashion and longer format films. We are thrilled to have her join our team.”

“The pandemic definitely acted as a catalyst to drive me forward toward a new challenge,” notes Thrasher. “The timing was perfect for a change and everyone at The Den really inspires me.”