Elements' webinars to highlight storage ecosystem
April 12, 2021

Elements' webinars to highlight storage ecosystem

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY — Elements will host a series of webinars between April 27th and April 29th, introducing the “Elements 3rd Party Storage Qualification Programme”. The company will also showcase its latest innovations in media storage workflows. 

In the first session, the company will provide an overview of the Elements ecosystem and provide insight into its storage products, solutions and its recent updates. Experts at Elements will explain how human-centered storage can elevate a workflow. They will also talk about the Media Library, their powerful Media Asset Management tool, as well as the use of NVMe in media and entertainment, advantages of network based storage protocols and hybrid cloud technologies.
(Schedule: April 27th at 10am-London/April 29th 10am-Los Angeles)

The Remote Post-Production & Best Practices session will look at the company’s work developing solutions for decentralized collaborative workflows in video production. Last year, Elements introduced Elements Satellite, a new way of remote video editing with high-quality 4K/60fps video, achievable from anywhere in the world. In this session, the company will discuss different approaches, functions and tools to help remote editing workflows. 
(Schedule: April 27th at 10am-Los Angeles/April 28th at 10am-London)

Session 3 will look at Elements 3rd Party Storage Qualification Programme. In these sessions, the company will be joined by guest co-hosts to discuss the efficient integration of third-party storage into the Elements platform. They will explain how easy it is to add Elements’ features and tools on top of a qualified third-party storage environment. 
(Schedule: April 27th at 10am-Los Angeles/April 28th at 10am-London)

On April 27th, Elements will showcase integration with Quantum StorNext 7 storage. They will discuss the all-new StorNext 7, tiering mechanisms, cloud integration and utilization, and the StorNext Manager.(Schedule: April 27th at 3pm-London)

Lastly, the company will host a joint session with Dell EMC, where they will discuss the possibilities of merging Elements tools and features, such as the Media Library, workflow automation tools, user permission management and many more, with the Dell EMC Isilon storage. They will elaborate on how Dell EMC storage can be used and managed through the Elements UI, as well as how to use Avid Bin Locking and starting automation jobs.
(Schedule: April 28th at 3pm-London/April 28th at 10am-Los Angeles)

Visit Elements’ website to learn more and to register for any of these sessions: https://elements.tv/remotedays/.