Former Joint colleagues form new editing company, Academy
June 17, 2021

Former Joint colleagues form new editing company, Academy

PORTLAND, OR — Joint Editorial founder Peter Wiedensmith and longtime editor Tommy Harden have united to form the new post production company Academy. The studio will focus on working with creative agencies and directors, while nurturing up-and-coming editors with education and experience. 

Photo (L-R): Harden and Wiedensmith

Wiedensmith and Harden join forces after an extensive tenure with Joint, Wieden+Kennedy’s fully-owned yet independently-operated post production company. There, Wiedensmith served as founder for 25 years and Harden as editor for 14. Collectively, they earned Emmys for the 2011 Chrysler spot Born of Fire, P&G’s “Best Job” campaign celebrating Olympic athletes and their mothers, and the more recent, Nike’s Dream Crazy ad. Inspired by their working partnership, they saw potential in building a sanctuary for talent and the creative process.

“We feel that the best work has always come out of a spirit of openness,” says Harden. “Not only do we want to continue to do the kind of work that keeps us learning, engaged and inspired, but we want to create a space for talented people to come do the same.”

“What made me fall in love with film was experiencing big emotional moments, when everything comes together,” adds Wiedensmith. “I seek those moments out on every project. Finding an emotional truth is what makes work matter to me, and makes it matter to the audience. Tommy has always protected those moments too - there is a deep humanity in his work. That humanity is the basis for this new adventure.”